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    Absolutely FREE. Utilizes the power of facial recognition technology to re-unite lost pets with their families.  It’s as simple as taking a picture and registering your pet. 

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    24/7 Pet Protection

    Cloud-based technology stores your pet’s identifying features and photos for future retrieval, ensuring your pet is always on the radar.

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    PiP Alert System

    Broadcasts an immediate notification of your lost pet to social media networks, pet professionals and the larger PiP community.

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    Pet Identification

    Facial recognition technology analyzes the unique features of your lost pet with all found pets to determine a match.

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    Personalized Care

    PiP Customer Care Representatives contact you to provide support and updates as to your pet’s search status.

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We understand the trauma of losing a pet.
We are here to help!


The PiP app for iPhone and Android uses facial recognition technology to re-unite lost pets with their families. Should your pet ever become lost, activating the PiP Alert System will ensure your furry friend quickly finds their way home.


Reliable pet protection.

Using facial recognition technology, PiP is revolutionizing the process for finding lost pets. Photos of found pets uploaded to our PiP app are analyzed and matched with photos of pets identified as lost. When your pet’s photo and uniquely identifying features are registered in our system, PiP can quickly determine a match between your lost pet and any found pet in the area.


Community powered search. DetectiveDog3

Access to a diverse community network can assist in bringing your lost pet back home.  Activating PiP’s PiP Alert System broadcasts an immediate notification of your lost pet to veterinarians, animal control and rescue agencies, PiP subscribers, and social media users within your local area.


Dedicated service team.

In the moment you realize your pet is missing, personalized care to help guide you through the search process is critical. When you activate PiP’s PiP Alert System, a PiP Customer Care Representative contacts you to listen, offer support and identify PiP’s immediate response. PiP will also provide updates of the progress being made in finding your lost pet.


Complete peace of mind.

It is important to know your pet is well protected. Registering your pet with PiP provides the assurance that reliable, technologically advanced resources are in place to quickly and safely bring your lost pet back home.

This includes Lost Pet Medical insurance from our partners at PetFirst Pet Insurance. Call 855-703-7387 to activate your complementary coverage.


Once a pet has been brought into a shelter, it could be a short 72-hour wait before the shelter can euthanize your pet or adopt it out to another family.


PiP has worked with leading experts in the field of facial recognition technology to develop one of the most advanced pet identification systems. Our system is the solution for ensuring lost pets are re-united with their families.


A few years ago a black lab came into The Urban Puppy Shop…

“He was beautiful and had obviously been well cared for – his coat was shiny, he was well fed, and he had a great temperament. During the process of signing the dog in for daycare, it became known that his owners had adopted him from an animal shelter several days earlier. This dog had been at the shelter for less than 48 hours when these new owners were able to adopt him into their family. It struck me that this dog was grieving, that he was missing ‘his true owners’ – and I knew that somewhere out there his true owners were also grieving. The unfairness of this situation struck a chord with me and I knew there had to be a better way to re-unite lost pets with their rightful families. It was at this moment that the idea for PiP was born.”

Philip Rooyakkers, Founder & CEO

The PiP Solution

We know that current methods for finding lost pets are unreliable.  Microchips use outdated technology, tags fall off, and tattoos fade.  With PiP, your pet is protected by the most advanced facial recognition technology, combined with personalized service and outreach to community networks.  Ensure your pet is on PiP’s radar.  Download our app and register today!

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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.   –  Unknown.


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Nearly 3.5 million pets are lost each year, but unfortunately as high as 80% of dogs and 98% of cats are never re-united with their families. 
– American Human Society

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