What is a “PiP”?

PiP stands for “Positive Identification of Pet” and refers to the positive match determined by our facial recognition technology between a photo of a registered pet and a photo of a found pet uploaded into our system.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Any Smartphone user can download the PiP My Pet app and register their pets at no charge.

Which mobile devices is the PiP app available on?

iPhone &  Android.

How does it work?

A pet owner completes the PiP registration, identifying contact information and their pet’s breed, age, size and gender, takes a few photos of their pet’s face, and uploads these to the cloud-based PIP platform.

At the moment a pet goes missing, an owner can activate a PiP alert and immediately broadcast to animal control/animal rescue agencies, veterinarians, social media outlets, and other app subscribers within the local area that their pet has been lost. Simultaneously, the PiP alert will trigger PiP’s technology to watch social media outlets for any posting of a found pet.


Any found pet uploaded via the PiP app, whether by an animal control/animal rescue agency, veterinarian, app subscriber or good Samaritan, will immediately be analyzed using PiP facial recognition technology to determine a PiP between the found pet and a pet registered in our system.

20130814083602-pipinwhitefinalWhen a PiP is determined, the pet owner will be notified immediately that their lost pet has been found!!  Should the pet owner be unavailable, secondary contacts will be notified.